High Quality Stucco Materials

Occasionally we're called on to put brand new stucco on an addition or remodeled portion of the house while we're restuccoing the rest. As always, our philosophy is to put high-quality stucco in these areas. The result is crack-resistant, water-resistant, and durable new stucco.

High-quality stucco applications result in longer lasting, crack-resistant, water-resistant, and durable new stucco.

Matching Stucco On Remodels
New Stucco on 2nd Story Addition Tyvek and Stucco Netting Expanded Metal Lath at Parapets, Corners, Windows FRS Base - Fiberglass Reinforced Cement Basecoat FRS is Sand, Cement, Lime, Chopped Fiberglass Acrylic Additive and Water 2nd Coat - Wallease Base must be Mixed in Buckets Applying Wallease and Krakmaster Mesh Over the FRS Embedding the Mesh Continuous Mesh Around All Corners Mesh Embedded Ready for Color When Dry Wet Curing after the Color Coat