A complete and thorough job, which means removing and replacing lights, cables and downspouts.

New basecoats are upgraded to factory-made products such as El Rey Wallease base (not regular fiberglass reinforced stucco) and the plan will almost always show extensive reinforcing with fiberglass mesh, such as El Rey Krakmaster.

Acrylic additives are used for strength and bonding, and follow-up which, includes wet-curing of cement stucco (wetting the stucco down after it dries-this is a crucial step in Albuquerque's dry climate) and color touch-up.

This is a complete and thorough job, which means removing and replacing lights and cables and downspouts and other removable items on the walls, and always, always, always, crisp, clean work.

Standard Restucco
Before Painted, Cracked and Peeled Stucco Bad Parapets Typical Bottom More Cracks and Peeling After Trenching Extensive Reinforcing Cracks Are Reinforced All Repairs are Reinforced Parapets Rebuilt Wallease Base and Krakmaster Mesh on All Repairs Professional Crews and Equipment Scaffolding Ready Prepared and Ready for Color Masking and Covering Bonding Agent is Applied over Paint Color Coat Goes On Mixing Area is Protected Last House Walls Being Done Lights, Cables, Rotted Vigas were Removed Finished Garage Crisp Clean Work Yard Walls Optional Armor Mesh for Yard Wall Cracks Lights Replaced Trenching Restored Cables Secured Wet Curing Follow-up Complete