Premium Residential Restucco

The new basecoat is relatively thin but extremely strong, and is embedded with a continuous layer of fiberglass mesh on all of most walls for superior strength and crack resistance. (Protected areas such as the interior walls of covered porches may not need reinforcing since they are protected from the weather.)

This long lasting Stucco and Restucco process also includes sealing the edges of the stucco with quality industrial caulk to prevent water intrusion prior to application the water-proof base. It's an ideal solution for cracked or deteriorated synthetic stucco, or for substandard portland cement stucco homes. We think it's Albuquerque's best restucco.

Premium Restucco
Thinco Seal Premium Restucco and New Stucco on Addition Wallease and Mesh on All Walls Continuous mesh Around All Corners New Stucco - Metal Lath at Parapets, Corners, Windows, and Canales Tyvek and Stucco Netting FRS Base - Fiberglass Reinforced Cement Basecoat FRS is Sand, Cement, Line, and Chopped Fiberglass Acrylic Additive and Water 2nd Coat - Wallease Base and Krakmaster Mesh Applying the Wallease Base and Krakmaster Mesh Over the FRS Base Meshing The Corner Embedding the Mesh Mesh Embedded - Wallease is extremely strong Ready for Color When Dry Addition and Garage Almost Ready Partially Color-Coated Smoothing the Color Coat Base is Moistened before Color is Applied Wet Curing after the Stucco is Dry Premium Restucco Completed