Quality parapet rebuilds include the use of factory-made basecoats.

Many contractors make the mistake of thinking that the parapets are ok prior to a restucco, and that they will not need a basecoat or new reinforcing. When the parapets deteriorate not long afterwards, after the warranty runs out, it ruins the job, usually requiring another restucco.

There are many ways of doing a parapet rebuild, and there is no one "right way." However, there are better and worse ways. Here at Stucco Seal we've perfected what we think are some very good ways, which vary from house to house.

In our opinion all good parapet rebuilds include the use of factory-made basecoats such as El Rey Wallease base, and fiberglass mesh like El Rey Krakmaster mesh.

Parapet Rebuilding
Parapet Rebuilding The House was Recently Reroofed Before - New Roof with a Vinyl Membrane Metal lath over the Roof Flashings where Needed Krakmaster Mesh over the Top and over the Metal Lath Mask and Cover El Rey Wallease Base Extremely Strong and Water Resistant Wallease is Mixed in Buckets which can be Discarded Smoothing the Wallease Base Upper Parapet Rebuilt and Ready for Color when Dry