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Albuquerque's restucco and stucco professionals. We continue to emulate those who came before us, those who have said, "Let's get it right the first time."

Stucco repair prices and costs.

Providing service for single-family residences, townhomes and small commercial buildings.

Premium Restucco

This restucco process includes sealing the edges of the stucco with an industrial caulk, then applying a new waterproof base coat, with reinforcing embedded, to the entire house.

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Parapet Rebuilding

The parapets on a flat-roofed house extend above the roof, and are the parts most exposed to weather. Many contractors make the mistake of thinking that the parapets are ok prior to a restucco and don't need reinforcing or a base coat...

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Residential Restucco

After years of wear and tear go by, stucco gets what's called a "restucco." A new finish coat ("color-coat") is trowelled over all the old stucco to restore it, and give the house a new look, maybe a new color or texture.

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Block Walls

Building, repairing and applying stucco on concrete block privacy walls or fences is one of our specialties.

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Window Replacements

Window Replacement performed by Stucco Seal, at the same time as a restucco, results in a totally coordinated package. At Stucco Seal we use only "original installation" methods, which looks better and prevents cracks and leaks at the new windows.

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Stucco Repair

We are one of the few contractors in Albuquerque who can offer individual stucco repairs to limited areas of the house. Keep in mind stucco repairs are not a substitute for a complete restucco when the time comes...

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