Building, repairing and stuccoing concrete block privacy walls and fences is one of our specialties.


Stucco Privacy Wall
Stacking the Block Plumb and Level Pilasters Stabilized Block is Filled Corners are Chipped and Rounded if Desired Armor Mesh is Applied for Strength Professional Crews Armor Mesh Both Sides Ready for Color when Dry Yard Wall Complete Repair and Stucco Block Walls Before - Cracked and Broken Before - West Side West End Trash Can Recess to be Filled Preparing to Tear Down Collapsing Section Section Starting to Fall Over Torn Down Rebuilt - Reinforced and Filled Wallease Base and Armor Mesh Base and Mesh Applied Hole Filled Color Coat Drying Rebuilt Section West End Drying West Side Finished and Dry Broken End Repaired Job Complete